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Video Marketing for Buyers - Creating a Series of Videos

One-off videos are great, but the key to attracting a larger audience is to create a series of ongoing videos that deal with certain topics. Plan each video to follow on from the next, in a logical manner. When you do this, you encourage viewers to
watch one video after the next, which means more views and more clicks to your business website.

This is especially effective for educational videos in specific niche markets. It also gives you the opportunity to promote the entire series, instead of a single video. People will spend hours watching your videos, like they watch series on
television, all because you’ve made the effort to package them like this!

Educating your audience is key to increasing your business growth.

I would suggest combining some of these video posts. Perhaps it would be better to place them in a category where you can promote your video services or a category for buyers and sellers to discuss this topic in general.

akudubright1: Thanks for posting info about your DIY package but you have posted in the wrong category. This is for buyers, not for posting a gig.

Reply to @fonthaunt: Answered on the other post. There is no category for these posting. We are not self promoting, we simply providing ideas. Yet, one person continues to follow all our posts and criticize everything we do. We try to provide positivity in everything we do here.

Reply to @edume:
If you were posting tips and ideas in general, I don’t think we would be expressing concern, or suggesting that you combine your many same-topic posts. But you are, clearly, posting multiple forum posts specifically about what you sell in your own gigs. You don’t appear to be offering tips to Fiverr buyers, but, rather, subtly promoting your own services through the content you are posting.

Long explanation short… you’re overdoing it. Your self-promotion posts are increasingly obvious. Either do as @fonthaunt suggested and combine all of these “I’ll help you make better videos” into ONE thread, or find something less repetitive to post about.

Also, please keep in mind, this is a TIPS FOR BUYERS forum, not a “tips for making better videos (and, hopefully buying videos from edume)” forum.

Reply to @jonbaas: There’s absolutely nothing wrong with what we are saying. We are providing buyers with ideas for their own business. If you “jonbaas“ have so much to say about others, why not make your own posting on the forum rather than criticize people. If you are such an expert as an “actor, artist and business owner” as you claim then why not write your own forum topic. Your claim of us insulting others is repulsive. We have not insinuated anything about specific individuals. Honestly, your postings are silly and we don’t have time to respond. Our suggestion would be for you to write your own article on the forum. Good luck.

Reply to @edume: I like your idea very much. I have found it informative to see a series of videos on youtube for instance which provide information that keeps me waiting for the next episode. I may start planning some infomercials which educate and inform.

Reply to @misscrystal: Thanks misscrystal, appreciate your comment.

Reply to @fonthaunt: stop paying people to do this easy works while you can do them in just few minutes…
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Reply to @edume: I’ve been leaving your threads alone, but seriously, please, please don’t encourage sellers to spam. This one has already been notified and agreed to stop posting his ads in the wrong forums. With you writing encouragement, this could be very confusing. I am just trying to avoid you overall, but I would really appreciate it if you could respect the forum Do’s and Don’t on this.

Reply to @akudubright1: Hello. I know you and I have already spoken about the correct place to post ads and I think you understand now. This post was also spam because of the location of the thread, but I did not catch it before since there are some posts that none of the moderators happen to read.

I just wanted to mention that even though the OP of this thread appreciates your ad, you should still post future ones in the correct forum category which is My Fiverr Gigs. Hopefully, though, you will gain a sale from @edume since he likes the offer you have running. Good luck.

Reply to @fonthaunt: Adjusted the post. Yes, it should be in the gig category, not here.

Reply to @edume: Thank you.