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Video Marketing for Buyers - Use The First Few Seconds Of Your Video Wisely

Based on attention span data, you’ve only got about eight seconds to capture your audience before they’ll bounce. To combat short attention spans, use the first line of your video to qualify viewers right away. In other words, if the first line of your video is super specific, you’ll instantly lose the portion of the audience that is least likely to convert and you’ll be left with those in your target market you can actually persuade.

Video requires you get to the meat of your message much faster and by aiming to hold at least 60% of your audience until the very end, you’ll set a benchmark for success.

One of the reasons we’ve been able to survive in such a competitive market is because we write our own script for video we produce and these videos convert viewers into buyers. Done correctly, you’ll enjoy increased profits as well as adding to your lead list. Producing a video is a small investment in your business. Choose a professional carefully and who knows the market and can work with you long term.

Why so many short posts on one topic? I realize you are in the video business and want to be seen, but this seems to be a lot of posts. This is my opinion as a forum reader who buys and sells.

@edume - This is a TIPS FOR BUYERS forum. You are posting content promoting your own video-creation services with language directed at buyers being able to increase their profits through the videos you can create for them. THAT is marketing and self-promotion, not tips for buyers as they use or navigate Fiverr.

Reply to @fonthaunt:
Self-promotion. He is subtly promoting his services without specifically coming out and doing so. I have enough marketing experience to recognize this strategy when I see it. In addition, I’ve received private messages from others on the forums who have theorized the same thing.

Reply to @fonthaunt: We’ve kept the ideas short and separate so buyers who are reading do not need to spend a lot of time on one posting. Are we not allowed to write on the forum as we please or is this forum restricted?

It’s only good business to provide good tips that buyers can appreciate. But, of course the individual following us around with every post has nothing good to say about us.

We communicate our past experience and ideas and we don’t think there’s a problem here.

When you provide good information, in turn buyers appreciate by communicating with you.

Reply to @edume: Some of the forum rules are fairly black and white while others are subject to interpretation. I specified that I was commenting based on my opinion as a buyer and seller because this is a fine line and I wasn’t sure what your intentions were. When any user posts quite a few posts in a category, especially if they are getting regularly bumped in some way, it begins to resemble spam.

Speaking as a moderator instead of just a forum reader, it isn’t unusual for moderators to consider a moderation method if posts appear to be spam. I don’t really know who “we” is in your posts, but regardless of what your group thinks, one of my roles is to take note of spam. Your posts read as though they are written by the same person, but perhaps not.

If there is a fine line as in this case, I sometimes ask questions to see what the intentions are. So, to make sure your questions are answered, you are certainly allowed to write on the forum unless someone in an administrative position limits your posting rights. To your second question, all the forums are restricted according to the forum Do’s and Dont’s.

Reply to @jonbaas: There’s absolutely nothing wrong with what we are saying. We are providing buyers with ideas for their own business. If you “jonbaas“ have so much to say about others, why not make your own posting on the forum rather than criticize people. If you are such an expert as an “actor, artist and business owner” as you claim then why not write your own forum topic. Your claim of us insulting others is repulsive. We have not insinuated anything about specific individuals. Honestly, your postings are silly and we don’t have time to respond. Our suggestion would be for you to write your own article on the forum. Good luck.