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Video Marketing Works - Be careful with SEO gigs on Fiverr



Be careful with the SEO gigs you find here on… Most likely they will ruin your Google Ranking as they did last year for one of my websites… Basically stay away from SEO offerings that will spam your link to various websites. Nowadays back-link building must be done manually and over a long period of time and each submission must have unique content. If you submit the same description to many websites, Google will see that as spammy and it will penalize your website.

In my opinion, one of the best ways to get back-links that will also send you leads is by creating videos for Youtube. Video marketing works and Youtube will for sure send you visitors and your video will also rank well on Google search.

Mario Gomes

Founder of - Online Video Software For Making Marketing Videos.

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Reply to @marcanti: You are spamming by doing this. You made a post stating not to use one practice but to use yours instead and then provided your outside business url. Are you really saying you joined this forum just to warn people you don’t know? Go write a blog or something…

Furthermore what you say about getting backlinks from youtube, dailymotion, etc videos is flat out not true. Youtube is nofollow, dailymotion and similar video sites will have no significant impact because they’re not content targeted. Don’t advertise SEO when you clearly don’t understand it.


Reply to @shamodii: DO NOT SPAM YOUR GIG LINK HERE!!!


Except that youtube links are nofollow, so nooo


Ok, but still I get lots of referrals/leads from Youtube because the video with my keywords on the title are on top 10 in search results… And there are other video sharing websites as well, such as… Any visitor to my website counts, even nofollows… Alexa does not care if its nofollows or not, and Google probably use Alexa data… Some SEO experts say that even Nofollow links count, just at a lower importance score.


We know automated system will kick out by google, suppose, I am offering 25 Bookmarks manually, but some seller offering nearly 500 bookmarks after then they write everything manually, 100% Grantee google will kick out these type of automated link building, But video marketing is different agree with finalstep


You are not allowed to post outside links on fiverr, so you need to edit & remove your website url from this post.


Reply to @marcanti: Those experts are wrong, nofollow links have 0 value, that is confirmed by google. You can get leads from youtube all you want but it has no implication on SEO results.


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@musiclover: This is an excerpt from Fiverr’s rules about links in forum posts:

"Do feel free to post links that are relevant to the discussions"

Discussion mentions “Video marketing” as an alternative way of doing SEO. The link I posted is about Video Marketing… Please be a little “large”… It is normal to include a signature when posting.


Reply to @marcanti: Wrong! Fiverr does not allow links that have contact information and/or a way to order your services. The point is for people to order on FIVERR. Since you think you are right, bringing this thread/post to Fiverr Customer Support’s attention is necessary.

Seeing how you don’t have any gigs, but your profile has a website url and this post has it, if you get reported, it will either be removed and/or you will be banned. You are clearly only here to drive traffic to your website so people can order your $99 services. #FAIL


I made this post to warn people… At no point do I offer my services or talk about it. I just have a signature link… By the way, I can’t sell $99 products on Fiverr!? So, I don’t see a problem.


Reply to @marcanti: You still don’t get it. I’ll just bring it up to Customer Support’s attention and allow them to handle it. Good day sir.


Do you really think that because the link is in your signature that it makes it OK? You made the signature so that others would see the link. This violates Fiverr’s Terms of Service.You do not even have gigs ON FIVERR to offer.


Hey don’[t warn people that those gigs will ruin their chances of success otherwise the room at the top of the ladder will get crowded. There will always be ample room for the successful so long as the average human uses their emotions to “think”


Video Marketing is not related to Backlinks. But it is one of the component of Net Marketing. As far as Backlinks are concerned , whether it is Panda, Penguin or any other Search engine Algorithm , the basic thumb rule remains same, only genuine backlinks, which are very easy to locate, always given preference, may be they are less in numbers.


I have been a Fiverr byer for years… I’m posting here as a buyer not as a seller… It’s ok, I’m used to all the haters…

As a byer of SEO gigs on Fiverr, I have had a bad experience… You get what you pay for… Many beginners will fall for all the promises you read on the SEO gigs here of ranking improvements… Think about it, if it really was that easy ($5) to get well ranked, it would be too easy… I was such a website owner that felt for it last year and my website was penalized after a couple of months… So my advice to anyone thinking about spending $5 on a SEO gig here, don’t do it… Specially if it has anything to do with sending your link to various websites… Most of the guys offering these SEO gigs will use software to spam your link to various websites… Stay away from all automated SEO stuff.


As far as videos go I see all my YouTube links showing up in Webmaster Tools. That’s bound to be a good sign.


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I have 2 videos on the 1st page of Google, one in the #3 position, and one in the #5 position. They have really driven a ton of traffic to my site. AND, when you have a video rank, Google actually shows the video thumbnail so your listing stands out from all the others. Video marketing does work! However, I tend to agree with marcanti… in that you can’t just pay 5.00 and expect your site to rank on the first page of Google, it does take a lot of work and time.