Video preview still frame problem


I spent all weekend animating a new video for my main fivver gig.

I uploaded it and the video looks great but the preview still frame was somehow picked randomly with a character moving and it is a motion blur mess. Since this is the image that that represents what I do I am afraid it will be scare buyers from clicking on my video because of the “perceived” poor quality.

I know others have had similar problems but has anyone here in the Forums found a fix to get a good clean video preview frame?


I was frustrated by having a random still show up instead of the first frame of my first video, but I filled out a support ticket and they quickly solved the problem. It really does make a difference. It would be nice for the gig-owner to be able to choose the still frame to be used for the video when they are uploading it.


Thanks for the advice guys. I just filled a CS support ticket. Looking forward to the fix.



@kjblynx @ronmasa, Thanks for the great advice. Fiverr CS hooked me up and now all is well in ANIGRAMS-TOWN!!! :wink: