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Video Processing


I put a video up on Wednesday night and it said processing until well into Thursday evening. I looked through the forum and saw a few tips here and there but nothing conclusive. Since then, I’ve changed the the format several times and shot new videos, but I have yet to have any finish processing.

The gig’s been approved and ready to go for days and I’m getting really frustrated. I’d much rather not activate it until the video is working, so it just sits there suspended… I have ideas for other gigs I may want to try, but can’t justify putting any time into them until this is resolved for fear of having the same issue occur with them.

I’m a bit taken aback by the lack of instruction offered by Fiverr to help people get these kinds of things resolved.

The one thing I haven’t done is contact CS, I try not to bother them with stuff I should be able to resolve myself so they can focus on more pressing issues like refund disputes or whatnot?

Should I just give in and contact them? Any other advice?

Thank you!

Scratch that. Sent in a ticket to CS. Apparently, once I created my gig it went into “suspend” mode. I thought that this would be a good place to leave it, since I didn’t want my gig going up without a video.

Turns out, the video was awaiting review, but cannot be reviewed while suspended…

Seems counter-intuitive, but ok. I activated it and it went through shortly after that.

@curcusgy… Thanks for the heads up on that! I put my deal into suspend mode until the video processed. It didn’t process so I uploaded again… LOL… Did give me the opportunity to add a tag Exclusive to Fiverr at the bottom.