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Video Production Deliverables Help!


Hi Guys, I’m trying to figure out the best (simplest/easiest) way for my clients to submit the requirements for my video production gigs.

I offer Promo Video Production & the 1:30 Video (for example) requires clients to upload up to 30 Images & 30 Text snipets & I’m trying to figure out the best way to configure the requirements screen/section in the easiest & clearest way possible for my customers.

My initial idea is to have a downloadable text file where the client could enter the text for each slide. (it would be pre-filled with numbered lines, one for each slide.
Then, I (as I dont see an alternative option) would have to create an “Upload” button for each of the 30 images! (Those that chose the 30 second & 1 minute videos would upload 10 & 20 slides respectivley)

This just seems like there has to be a better way & I would really appreciate any help or suggestions on this, as I dont want to overwhelm new clients when they place an order.


I could be wrong, but I think buyers can only upload 10 files.


They could put them in a zip file and attach or link to that. Or link to a directory on dropbox or somewhere.


I’ll have to look into that, as it would change the way I was think of doing it.


Fivver doesnt allow using any other website like Dropbox to ask for or deliver files, I know, bummer right!


Why not?
I’ve used Google Drive as long as I can remember and I believe there have been quite a few posts about Dropbox. You can obviously ask CS to be sure. Don’t take our word for it because we won’t block your account, but CS might :slight_smile:


On Fiverr, a buyer can order your gig without talking to you. So if you can, try to utilize the required questions in your gig setup. That way the order won’t start before they fill it out.

Otherwise you might get customers that don’t fill out the file on time and since you’re offering 2-day delivery it may become an issue.

If you can’t use the gig requirements then go with the file.


Even without those sites, you can still ask the buyer to put them in a zip file if there are many images and attach that in the requirements section.


It is allowed to use Google Drive and Dropbox links for sharing some content not for delivering order files.


Yes, I do like the idea of the text file, although I would prefer to use the “free text” option (one for each slide text) as these have to be filled out before the order delivery clock starts as you mentioned.

After your guys input, I’m leaning more to the supplied Fivver fileds for the images & a text file (with instructions) they have to fill in & upload.

That just Seem’s to be the best of both worlds really…


I’m trying to make it as little work as possible for my clients, but thats certanly an option, especially for the longer video clients.


Yes, true, thanks very much! I think using Fiverr for that would be better for the clients as it keeps it all in one place. (Fiverr)
I didnt realize that though, thanks very much for da tip!


I have my clients use GoogleDrive, Dropbox, Wetransfer or Mediafire and often deliver the same way…but fiverr uped the file delivery size so it’s not necessary anymore.
Google drive is free up to 15GB, so most clients can deliver there as they seldom have image files that will max out the capacity.

Good luck!


It can be for others depending on the size of the file, how long it takes to upload, whether the seller get any failures (eg. Fiverr errors on or after attachment or delivery or connection errors).

What Fiverr could do is make it so files could be continued from where they left off if there were any problems like other services do (eg. dropbox software). As well as have a way for the same file to be re-attached without sending it again if no changes were needed to it. eg. if an order was for 2 videos, both 1 GB and the buyer requested a change to be made to just one of them, with Fiverr attachments you’d need to re-send both files, with the waste of bandwidth and time (as well as the possibility of connection/Fiverr attachment errors etc.), since you need to deliver a complete delivery. If you sent them via dropbox you would only need to send the changed file and in the delivery put the links to both files.