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Video: Question to those who uploaded video


The matter is: Video must be up to 60 secs/50 mb
I’ve just created new gig + uploaded video (good quality 60secs with perfect compression level - size 20 mb)

Question: Fiverr’s filters damaged it, quality is very bad now compare to the original. I read before that we must upload good quality videos. Strange. Wrote to CS.

Does somebody know how to save video quality if it’s possible?

Cheers for actual info if you know

PS. Not sure now, will try to do it for smaller screen size (like gig’s picture)


This is weird… I just talked to my success manager, and she told me that:

  • gig videos can be up to 60 sec. and 100mb
  • gig videos are not being compressed anymore

Which is weird considering you experienced otherwise :thinking:

P.S. when I uploaded my video a few years back, the quality degraded a lot due to their compression, and couldn’t find a way around that, no matter how much I’d tweak my video


Cheers, I’ll try some options. Will upload smaller screen size.
Right now the filters are very “agressive” :anguished:


We can just report to Fiverr. i have no idea how to handle it


Your video is probably not of as high a quality as you think it is. Uploaded videos usually look about the same as they do prior to upload unless there are other factors on your end. Either way, I suggest you wait on CS to assist you.


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