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Video removed for tos

I recently tried to add a gig to “subscribe to your Youtube channel” after I entered all of my information for the gig, added my picture and video and hit publish I immediately received a message that my video was denied due to TOS. So I went to TOS to see what I had done wrong and didn’t see anything that pertained to the issue. I contacted customer service but to say that they were vague is being polite. The only thing they said was it was a third party TOS issue. I asked for clarification and the same message was sent again so I don’t know if it was my video that was the issue or the wording in my gig I confused.

I just thought the gig would be something different than what I had seen before but if the gig concept itself is a violation I’ll just scrap the idea


Your video/gig was likely denied because you cannot sell likes, followers, or subscribers on social media sites. The social media sites restrict people for doing this, Fiverr is within their rights to do the same.


You can’t sell follows here, including your own.

It is unethical and not helpful for people to purchase such a service.


Yes thank you for the replies I have since talked to customer support and they expressed the same information

The trouble is that they shouldn’t have had to explain this to you. Why would Fiverr allow this? And why didn’t you read the ToS?

First of all, As I stated above I did read the TOS I didn’t see anything pertaining to what I was offering. The third party violations as I was told by customer service today is not clearly stated and there are still gigs on there now that get away with it. They are aware of it and will address it in due time slowly so you can still order the exact same gigs as I was trying to create so they did have to explain this because if its an issue it should be an issue across the board don’t act like this is the first time something hasn’t made sense on Fiverr

hy i m new to fiverr
today i uploaded a video template on fiverr created by video maker fx but it shows video is removes by safety team why?

You’ll have to ask Fiverr. I am not a Fiverr Support employee, nor do I have any access to Fiverr’s choices to remove or deny something. If I were to make a guess, though, I’d say it might have been removed because you used a third-party template to create a video representing work that was not owned by you.