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Video Requirements

Hello, there! I know this topic is talked about a lot on the Fiverr forums, but as a new seller waiting for video approval, I’m still curious.

I’m currently waiting for the approval of the video I made for my first Gig, and it’s nearing 12 hours without approval. I’m sure I’m just being impatient, but it would also be good to know for the future: what exactly are the requirements for a Gig video? Of course there’s the “>50mb” rule, but what do I need to have in order for my video to be approved?

Checking the requirements page (which I believe most of the items are guidelines, which is why I’m asking), here’s what I do and don’t have:

√/- Copyrights explained below…
√ "Exclusively on Fiverr"
√ Pronounced Five-er, not fiv-er
√ No URLs or contact information
X 1:30 long
√/- Fairly simple explanation of Gig
√ Narrated with
√ High-quality video

So here’s the copyright thing: I have royalty-free music which is credited as per instruction by the site I got it from, so that’s okay…
However, I do have clips from a CaptainSparklez video, as well as I use his and the Discord logos as demonstrations of the product, but those shouldn’t be problematic as I’ve seen other Gigs use company logos in their videos for the same demonstrative purposes. I also have clips of YouTube intro templates, but those also shouldn’t be a problem.

Am I just being impatient and paranoid, or is there actually something I need to change?

Update: My video was denied shortly after posting this.

I think I know why though: there were two instances in which I had links to external websites. The music I was using required me to give credit, so I credited the website at the end of the video. The other link was a large watermark on one of the clips I was using for demonstration, with a link to its website. I’ve removed both (used different music and changed the clip for a graphic) and I shouldn’t be denied this time.

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If the duration is over the length they want, they may decline it. Also you shouldn’t include clips that would be breaking copyright law to use (unless an exclusion to copyright law made it okay), even if other gigs do - you can still get into legal trouble with possibly big fines. You could ask for permission from the copyright holder to use the clip(s).

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Here’s the thing about the time; it’s only 15 seconds over the limit shown on the page.
Again, my video is exactly 1:30 long, and it says between 30 and 75 seconds.
I’m not disregarding your thoughts, I just don’t think they’re strict enough to say “15 seconds over is too long”.

Read Fiverr’s recently updated Terms of Service Agreement carefully. Copyright protection is being taken seriously.

It has to be less than 75 seconds. 90 seconds is greater than 75 seconds.

It’s not being too strict - it’s their limit - it used to be shorter.

Also, please read what other posters have said about using other peoples’ clips.

But the thing is, the only clips I use (from a gaming video) are directly credited by me stating exactly who it is as the clip shows up.

I’ll try to revise it and cut what I can…

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I see in your profile there is no active gig then how you are saying “I upload video 12 hr before”

Perhaps the OP paused their gig - it was visible earlier today.

I am not sure about situation of his/her profile

But the thing is, the only clips I use (from a gaming video) are directly credited by me stating exactly who it is as the clip shows up.

But unless you obtained their permission, or a particular exemption to copyright law applied to the use of that clip (eg. parody (if altered?)?/review? etc) it would still be infringing copyright law to use it.

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I think an explainer video with voice over or video of you telling what you are selling is enough But if you want to include video more than a 75 sec fiverr allow to post some external video links .you want to show the client in gig description some links are youtube,vimeo,tumblr . You can search more about them in customer support there they porovide list of links allowed in gig description to

Like I said when I updated the post, the video was denied. Because of that, the Gig was immediately put under “Required Modification”, which I think hides it.

Yes exactly
but this happen only when you are selling video services I had faced this condition 3 time .Gig was hide .But I upload new video and which pass
Thingss I learn

  • Video shouldn’t larger than 75 sec
  • only gig related never include social media link in video
  • and should not have copy right or water mark of other site