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Video Spokespersons and scriptwriters... interested in collaborating?


So like many of you, I work very hard creating content for fiverr buyers. But today I received my first negative feedback and I think it might have been avoidable. Expectations are everything, and unfortunately, there aren’t enough words available for complex gigs to articulate everything we’d like to say.

What I’m going to do is to create a number of videos that communicate how to take better advantage of my gigs as an aid to create the best possible product. I would then link to the videos from my related gigs.

For example:

  1. Scriptwriting: tips on how to create better scripts and get the most from your videos.
  • Ideal script length
  • Avoid cliches
  • The importance of a call to action

  1. Resources
  • Where to get royalty free music for cheap, or free (youtube audio library, here on fiverr, audiojungle, pond5, etc.
  • Where to get royalty free images (, shutterstock, etc.)
  • Animated intro’s (videohive, etc.)

  1. General Tips
  • Why vector images are important and where to get your images converted. (fiverr resources)
  • What is a transparent image, and why it’s important to the video quality.
  • Image size requirements for video vs. the web
  • Creating your own videos, composition - rule of thirds, etc.

    You get the idea. The goal is create these videos and/or articles and offer them on an external site with it’s own facebook fan page, twitter, etc. The result would be something we could point people to in order to help eliminate confusion, and help them create a better product. The site would provide links to sellers that are ranked well and offer complimentary services such those that create/edit images, provide royalty free music, editing services, etc.

    In a perfect world, the videos would contain information from each of us. The site would refer people back to fiverr for communication as to not violate the TOC. We could all share with the facebook fan page, twitter.

    Note that I’m not soliciting money. I have all the resources I need, but simply thought the result might create a better value for the buyers if worked together.

    Anyway, if interested, or if you just have feedback you think is helpful, please let me know.