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Video Testimonial


I have been in fiverr for the past three years , but just enjoying the benefit in the last two months


What does this have to do with your topic title, “Video Testimonial”?


What were you doing from last three years ?..



ya started with video testimony and i started earning from fiverr
and i want to learn more from people like you.


i have just little awareness about fiverr, but i decided to dive deep and i can now see the prospect in it


People “like me” have posted hundreds of comments, tips and advice here on the forums already. I bet if you took the time to read what has already been written on the forums, you would find more than enough knowledge and wisdom to work with. You don’t need “people like me” to tell you that same things we have already told everyone else. :wink:

Have you read through the Fiverr help section, of the Fiverr Terms of Service – both of which are linked at the bottom of every Fiverr site page? If you want to “dive deep” and learn how Fiverr works, those are also great resources already available to you.


ok that is great thanks for the information Sir.