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VIDEO: The Ultimate Guide to Sell Your First Gig and Become a Successful Seller

Go nowhere else but here to find at last the final response to “how do I start selling?”. This question is asked so many times on this forum that yesterday I was bored at home and I decided to make this video to clarify: 1) How to get your first sale 2) How to proceed from there on to get more customers. You may refer from now on to anyone who whines about making low moneis to this helpful video.

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Oh, as I see, Fiverr’s Youtube embed is quite horrible and it eats the right half of the video. If you wish to enjoy it in its grandness, go ahead and click in the video title within the player. That will take you to Youtube and you will be able to see the full screen.

Lol. Brilliant!

Thank you

Haha, love it :stuck_out_tongue: To use an expression from my Marine Corps days, this video, “breaks it down Barney-style for the slow kids.”

The cute cats are a nice touch :smiley:

Cool video and good advice, but how do you explain that many top sellers have NO professional portfolio, have NO clear gig description (even with spelling and grammar mistakes), have NO video, have NO interesting profile, have NO real photo, basically not following any suggestion or good practice provided in the Fiverr community, and still have tons of stars and even orders in queue? Some of them even offer “time travel” or “magic spell” as gigs. Come on… I am not a whiner because I don’t depend on Fiverr to make a living and don’t plan to but that is an unanswered question.

I love it! You’re very correct - the internet (and crazy cat lovers such as myself) love to watch anything with cats even if you’re just promoting cheese in a can. I wish I had a grasp on video graphic designs but I’m just a nerdy writer that likes writing.

Will this approach work for writing about cats? :slight_smile:

I answer to those questions at the end of the video :slight_smile: Right where the cat looks as pissed off as you are (and me too). However, you have to agree that the advices on the video will provide for sure the first sales and the first rankings to newbies, and that’s all I wanted to give to the community

For sure, dearest.

They might just be good at what they do. If they’re not selling writing services or something involving marketing (they’re a logo designer, or a coder for example), then I think you can cut a little slack.

There is a whole section for “joke” gigs. If someone wants to drop $5 on a magic spell or time travel, then why not?

I don’t agree. Sometimes I think Fiverr adds an extra of randomness to all this so we all get crazy trying to improve our gigs to get to the front page. I’ve been here three years. 100% positive five star reviews, 1 hour response time, all my gigs with video, delivery always in 2 hours or less, and I purchase a lot too. And I don’t see a clear progression.

I loveeeeeee it :smiley: It’s amazingggg