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Video thumbnail images changed without me changing them - MANY VIDEO PROBLEMS DOCUMENTED HERE

I notice that all 3 of my video thumbnail images changed to first frame of the video. Now I have lousy thumbnail images for my videos.

I tired changing the thumbnail images according to the article at but it doesn’t work. I pause the video, click the “set as preview” button and the little circle spins round and round but never updates the thumbnail image.

Are others having the same issue???

UPDATE: The more I search Fiverr the more I notice that other video thumbnail images are being changed to the first frame of the video. It looks like a site problem that is slowly spreading throughout fiverr.

I notice in searching Fiverr that some of the thumbnail images in their profile was not the same thumbnail image used in the gig. That is how mine started. At first the thumbnail image CHANGED in my profile while the thumbnail image in my gig did not change. Eventually the thumbnail image in my gig also changed to the first frame of the video. Slowly the process continued for each of my video thumbnails until all of my video thumbnail images were changed to the first frame of the video. UGH! – now I have lousy thumbnail images for my videos and I can’t change them!

You may want to keep an eye on your video thumbnails.

Please post if your video thumbnail changed without you changing it

Same here! Tried different browesers etc - no joy

It is not a problem, now we can choose our own thumbnails, go to your gig edit page, edit video, and you’ll see the new feature!

This is using the new feature - it doesn’t seem to be working at the moment

Reply to @claudioa: I guess you did not read my message above (and I thought only CS did that ) :slight_smile: I would love to be able to use the new feature where you can change your thumbnail, but it doesn’t work for me. I tried yesterday 5 different times, 3 different browsers, clearing cache, etc and after pausing the video, clicking the “set as preview” button, all I got for my effort was hours of watching the little circle go round and round without it updating the thumbnail.

Got the same message. Hopefully, they can sort it out pretty quickly as I’ve seen a massive drop in enquiries just in one day since the thumbnail image change occurred.

Ditto - fingers crossed!

Maybe another clue. I was told by someone they are also updating the video player so maybe the update is causing problems with thumbnails as well.

That makes sense since i noticed that some gigs on Fiverr are not effected - so good chance those that have not had their thumbnail changed, have not received the new video update and those that did get the new video update, had their thumbnails messed up in the process.

My videos aren’t playing at all, so seems there are some huge issues going on!

Those of you who have been around for a while, is this a common thing here on Fiverr? I’m fairly new yet, but have seen nothing but trouble the past month or so and am wondering if its even worth sticking around?

Reply to @roxanneweber: I can understand your concern, especially if you are a newbie, but I doubt if anyone can really answer your question. Part of me is excited with all the changes going on and I would hate to miss being part of it. Yet, the constant bugs and problems can be annoying, especially if CS takes forever to fix it.

I just had a ticket solved this morning that was over 3 months old (I could not bold my content in my gig description – originally submitted on Jan 15, 2015). It took them 3 months…goodness.

I want to say with all the changes that Fiverr has going on, they need to change CS (more people maybe) so they can keep up with all the problems these changes seem to bring to the table. At the most, I think problems should be solved in a week…not 3 months.

All thumbnails of my videos has changed too. Plus, the videos are not playing at all in Google Chrome.

Massive drop in sales in the last 24 hours since it happened.

Reply to @dariaproduction: All my videos play in chrome and firefox. I’m just having issues with thumbnails. But then again, I could wake up tomorrow and none of my videos play. It seems a lot of these problems trickle in throughout different accounts instead of happening all at once.

Wow that did not take long. I just tried to play my videos. My DEMO video plays but none of the portfolio videos play. Actually none of the portfolio videos even load into the video player.

Fiverr sure knows how to kill sales :slight_smile:

Just documenting the problems. See attached.

The problems and fun just keeps on coming :slight_smile:

I got a message from CS this morning notifying there is a problem and that they are working on it. They could not give me a time estimate of when it will be fixed but lets cross our fingers it will be fixed soon.

Reply to @roxanneweber: It’s worth sticking around as long as you are aware of the things that are most likely to be haywire, have patience, and come up with ways to not be reliant on any particular aspect of the service.

Basically; know what you’re dealing with, act accordingly and always have a contingency. :slight_smile:

All fixed on mine now - I’ve been able to change thumbanils etc.

Thank you CS!

It would have been nice to get an email or some sort of notification about this… Like “Hey, we’re updating some video stuff so your gig videos may suddenly freak out and not work.”

Same here. And editing the video in the gig page is not working. Video never plays.

I’ve been trying to change my gig video’s opening shot using the preview button for the last couple of days. Then this morning ALL my gig video’s opening shots were different. After reading the posts here, it looks like Fiverr is working on the issue. I’ll sit tight and wait.

If you are experiencing trouble getting the thumbnail image on your video to display correctly, you should contact Customer Support.