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Video thumbnail images changed without me changing them - MANY VIDEO PROBLEMS DOCUMENTED HERE

Is anyone having any else still having problems with thumbnails? My videos work now but one of them ( has no thumbnail, and I can’t manually set the thumbnail for any of them.

I don’t want to contact CS (I’m sure they’re having plenty already) if this is a problem I just need to wait out… Does contacting them actually help or can they not do anything for me specifically?

Dang. I thought I was the only one. Can’t change the preview thumbnail.

Is this discussion over?
I have created my first gig and I am not able to change the thumbnail of my gig video.
I followed the steps below,

  1. Went to Edit Gig
  2. Clicked the Gallery Tab
  3. On the Video, I selected the button marked with a pencil.
  4. I played the video in the new window that opened.
  5. I paused the video at the frame I wanted to set as the Preview.
  6. I click the Save as Preview and then clicked Done.
  7. I clicked Save and Preview, but I found the Video with the previous thumbnail I wanted to replace.

What else to do?

Does it change instantly or do you have to wait for sometime for it to change?
Can somebody please help me out on this?

You have to wait. Set it up, log off and back on and see if it works.