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Video thumbnail won’t go live

Hi guys, I wanted to improve my gig by adding some video. It’s not really enough to add 3 pics of your work in gig, so I added a video with my work. Thumbnail was(IS) terrible. I tried to set it on 00.00sec and when I clicked on “set thumbnail” it was approved but there was a note that says “it might take up to 6hrs for thumbnail to go live”. 12hrs has passed and nothing, my terrible thumbnail that shows bad photoshop is there. Any help? Thanks!

You should give it more time.

Everytine you clicked on the “save as thumbnail” restarted the timer.

Did you press it more than once?

It’s a really buggy feature and it’s slow to show the actual thumbnail you chose.

But give it some time.

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Thanks for your answer! Damn, I clicked 30 again mins ago… So unpatient😂