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Video under review for days, no response to ticket

Hi, so I’m trying to publish my first Fiverr gigs, but I wanted to wait until my videos are approved. It said that it would take less than 24 hours, but it’s been more than three days now.

I opened a ticket like some other people have mentioned, but it’s been a day now and they haven’t responded to the ticket & the videos are still under review.

Help please??

Does the service you offer include video? Sound? Movement?
If not, there’s really no reason to wait to publish.

As for the ticket, CS is taking up to ten days to respond to those due to current conditions.

But the website does say repeatedly that engagement increases by 40% for gigs that use videos in their gallery. I’d rather start on my best foot.

Where does it say that?

When you create a gig, and click in Video, it says that

Yeah and they say it a few times in the educational section for sellers.


Ah, no it doesn’t.

It says ‘can’, not ‘will’.

This is one of those tricky subtleties of the English language. ‘Can’ is a possibility of. It is not a definite.

Also ‘engagement’ does not necessarily mean anything. Clicking ‘play’ on the video is ‘engaging’, but might not lead to anything.

@sarah Link, please?

What is the content of your video? Maybe that can be the problem.

They mention it in the video, they also say that they strongly recommend including a video of yourself explaining your services. It’s implied in a lot of other articles too that having a video in your gallery is best.

It’s just me explaining the services

How long is it? I know they say 75 seconds, but I once had a vid denied for being over 60.

Let’s not fuss on the unknowable of whether a possible client would be more or not-more interested if you have a video. I think they help but are no guarantee of anything, esp if not JJ Abrams slick seeing ppl are massively demanding for the $500 job they want to spend $5 on.

Fiverr can be very slow on approving videos and they can simply get “stuck” in the process and will never approve unless you contact CS.

So I would say publish now if you can with the best you have and send a Q to CS.



Two videos for two separate gigs, one is 62 seconds and the other is 69 seconds.

If they reject it, is there a way to appeal?

I didn’t hear anything in the video about it helping.

Keep in mind that Gigs with videos perform better.
As mentioned above, we recommend including videos.

Okay, I’ll grant you that one, but it also doesn’t mention anything about how much better.

I agree with @benedictrm. You should just publish anyway.

Just fix it and re-upload it.

That’s just splitting hairs, they say over and over gigs with videos do better. That’s my point.
I’ll publish without I guess, just wish I could put my best foot forward is all - especially since I spent a day making these video through my camera anxiety.

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Ah. Yeah, that part is rough. I remember spending hours editing my videos. The one that got rejected for being too long hurt. So, yeah, if it’s rejected, you’ll get something like this:


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