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"Video under review" longer than a day now

I added my motion design reel to my new gig. It says it’s “under review” more than 24 hours now and nothing is changed. I had to unpublish the gig not to gain attention to the empty page with a few pics only.
How long could it take to verify? Looks weirdly slow


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I would give it another 24 hours, then bring it up with Customer Support.

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I also started my first gig today and my video was online within 5 minutes!

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Oh, that’s quite different from my results!
@imagination7413 time is money(

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You can always try to re-upload it and see how it goes. It worked out for me.

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Just reuploaded (seems it got the hash is the same and didn’t re-process it though). Let’s see

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Don’t worry when fiverr will review it. Your video will set on your gig.

And still nothing after re-upload! :roll_eyes:

Try to re-upload the video or contact Fiverr.