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Video update issue.. :'(!


I upload different kind of videos for my gig… But unfortunatly all couldn’t pass the editers reveiws… :’(:’(

I wanna know why is that keep happening…

And what should I do…?


Video must be less then 50 mb must be less then 1 minute and also one more thing you need to use word exclusively on Fiverr in it. also no contact info in video.


Can u tell me what words are exclusively on fiverr… I didn’t get it…


Oki oki… Now i get it…

Thank you… :smiley:


They rejected some of my videos a few times, for multiple reasons. The reasons they stated (like not showing “Exclusively on Fiverr”) were invalid, since I had followed every guideline… I had to contact customer support (where they gave frustrating responses) several times before they actually let it through.

Another time they made up a reason that wasn’t in the video guidelines or TOS, where I also had to contact support to point out the mistake before they let it through.

So sometimes you just have to put up with them. Hopefully adding the Exclusively on Fiverr works for you. Good luck!


Yup thak worked…