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Video Upload Did Not Pass Editorial Review

I made a new gig today with a video that I made using Powtoon. I also used a public stock background music. The video did not pass the Fiverr the editorial review, comment was - “It appears that your video infringes on third party copyrights. Please make sure that you own the rights for all the content in your video”

I do not know how to reply to this. Shall I sit down and make another video or shall i upload the video again? Or shall i contact support? What do you suggest…

There’s a simple answer to this: don’t use video content – or elements in your video – that you do not own – ESPECIALLY not in a video representing commercial services. Fair use of certain content elements does not include commercial use – which is what your gig video here on Fiverr is – a commercial video.

You appear to have used video content that did not belong to you, and that is why Fiverr’s editorial staff likely denied your video.

Just because something is online, does not mean it is available for you to use.

Since you have also posted that your original account was banned for unusual activity, it sounds like you might need to do a lot more research. I would suggest a thorough understanding of the Terms of Service and quite a bit of reading in the Fiverr Academy at a minimum. If you continue to do things that Fiverr has to ban or deny, eventually they are not going to permit you to use the service.

@fonthaunt Thank you for the suggestion, it is completely true. I am in a platform where I do not have control over my situation, I am not the decision maker. The problem is that this is a video that i created with my Powtoon account so it cannot be copyrighted. Clearly Fiverr is mistaken, but like you said I have no control over it.

@jonbass. Thank you for your answer. I clearly understand what they wrote, the problem is its a mistake and I wanted to know who to contact to resolve it. I own the copyright for content created by me, not a 3rd party. Darn.

You can reach out to customer service maybe they can clarify why it was rejected.