Video upload issues


My video content for the portfolio keeps getting rejected. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for uploading a video for your Gig ‘create unique video open using your own logo’. Unfortunately, your video did not pass our editorial review.
Here’s some advice to help get your video listed on Fiverr:
State in the video that your service is offered exclusively on Fiverr.
Offer a $5 basic service so that your Gig can remain listed on the site. All services on Fiverr start at $5. As you earn Levels on Fiverr, based on your performance and reputation, you’ll unlock tools that will enable you to offer multiple Gigs or Extras (add-ons) in a single transaction
Remove any website, service, or product mentioned that is not sold through Fiverr
We invite you to fix these issues and upload your video again for review.
Please Note: You may upload a new video up to three times. After the third time, Fiverr holds the right to disable the upload video feature.

Edit: added feedback from fiverr


Max length is one min for gig demos.


Thanks! So would it be possible to create multiple sets of intros, and list them under different gigs?


Yes, it’s too long, you should find a way maybe to incorporate the intro options into your gig requirements. Have it link to this video showing the customer the options they can choose from.

In your gig video, it should just be that you’re offering to create video intros or openers, 30 options to choose from, 24 hour delivery, great customer service, etc!

also, just as a first impression, the pacing should be faster. you only have a couple seconds to grab someone’s attention, so it needs to move along quicker with those first few text screens.

a few tweaks and you’ll be good! : )


Thank you! I appreciate the feedback!