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Video upload process is awful - Music Gigs don't need videos


On the video upload section when editing your Gig, ALL of the instructions to create and upload a video should be there. First time I tried it said it was too long, second time I tried it said “It doesn’t say your service is exclusive to Fiverr”, third time it said “There is no voice over explaining your service”. These things are not explicit on the upload page and I had to look for them in the FAQ inside the Support pages. This makes the process slow and annoying for the users and the reviewers.

Also, for some of us who are making music composition, sound effects, music and sound design gigs, I see no need for a video reel, only for a audio reel. I had to ask a friend to compose a video that is 100% useless, since all it does is contain my soundtrack examples with my name on it. Please let us upload a 2 minutes MP3 file (which will be roughly the size of a 1 minute video with audio at 192kbps) for our music gigs!