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Video upload stuck at 100%

Hi, I’m having this weird issue that the video is stuck for very long time at 100%.

Every time I upload the video it gets to 100%, coming back to 0% and then when it gets again to 100% it gets stuck.

Video properties:

Size: 48.9MB

length: 00:47 (47 seconds)

Codec: H.264

File format: mp4

Dimensions: 1920X1080 (FullHD)

I tried to make the video shorter (29.16 seconds and 30.8MB) and it got the same issue.

I tried to use google chrmoe, safari and firefox on my mac and nothing helped.

Thank you everybody

In my case it’s just keep loading :confused:

Save it. It already uploaded to server. >:D<

Reply to @fivercrazyguy:

I can’t save…

Reply to @reeyky1958:

May be you should contact CS :frowning:

Reply to @fivercrazyguy:

I did but they didn’t answer yet… how long should it take till they’ll answer?

Sometimes It takes up to 1 day