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Video vs thumbnail on gig cover?


I’ve been trying to do some research on what might be more appealing to buyers when they choose one seller over another. I know for sure that first things first you need to offer a killer service but there’s so many talented people on fiverr, I’m curious what makes some stand out against others.

One thing I’ve noticed is that I got a lot more inquiries and interest when I switched from a “professional logo” to a picture of myself. I think people really appreciate being able to see a face, specifically if a buyer is new to hiring freelancers. Some folks are kind of timid about doing business online still.

So that lead me to wondering if I should have a video of myself saying hello and explaining the services I offer or should I simply leave the thumbnails with the portfolio items for buyers to listen to?

Have you tried both and noticed any difference? Share your thoughts!


I skip over videos because I want to save time and scan many gigs. So a thumbnail is best.


I agree. Introductions from the seller mean nothing if the work is not amazing. In fact, I will also skip personal intros because if I hear one more , “ hey Fiverr Fans” I think I will just explode! Your work speaks for itself. In fact, I feel you could be put into a category based only on your looks. For example, I am a blonde and some buyers may consider blondes to be bubble heads or more “valley Girl” so I prefer to lead with my work and then they can get to know who I am.

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I think it all depends on each of us as Sellers and the specific kind of Buyers we are targeting. It also can really depend on your Selling Category. If the majority of Sellers in your category do not have gig videos and you want to differentiate yourself, appearing on camera in a Gig video is one of the easiest ways to do that.

If every Seller in your category has Gig videos that are similar, get creative and do something different. In my opinion, there are lots of great Sellers in every category here on Fiverr and if one of your gigs makes a Buyer’s shortlist, sometimes what seals the deal is the person behind our usernames. Ultimately, people hire people so I do think it can be beneficial to give potential Buyers a glimpse into you and your personality.

And yes, I’m sure that I get typecast based on my appearance, but I determined a long time ago that I’m not here to win every job, just the ones that are best suited for me and my business model. And if someone passes over me because of their assumptions, then I probably wouldn’t have wanted to work with them anyway.

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Yeah I do the same. I personally prefer to just see the work so I can find something good quickly. Makes sense. Thanks for the input :+1:


Thanks for the input. Good points. I think for my category it probably wouldn’t make too much sense to do the it. Its interesting to think about these kinds of things anyway!

Yeah definitely I think letting the work speak for itself is probably the best way to go

I agree. I think it’s all about the work. I did some buying on the platform the other day for the first time, and I found myself skipping over any videos unrelated to the type of work I was seeking. Sure, it is nice to know there is a smiling face behind the graphic design work I have hired someone to do, but in the end I want to see what they have done. Period!

That’s called a coincidence. It also depends on the type of clients you are trying to get. Corporate clients will trust a good logo if you present yourself as a team, for example.

As for video vs image, a video is always better… if it’s good. It’s more information dense and more impactful.

Add a video for a period of one week then check your clicks statistics if they are increased or decreased.

With this strategy (A/B Testing) you will understand what works good with you.

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Great advice, however even then it can be hard to tell. I don’t change my gigs frequently, and I have weeks with no contacts and weeks with a ton of contacts. So it’s really hard to A/B test, whatever results you get can just be a coincidence.

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I’m okay with you on that A/B testing take more time. I think we can use the other strategy and it’s by collecting competitors data like number of reviews, used keywords, thumbnail or video…

The most important thing to connect to your targeted customers it’s by understanding their behaviour.

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I’m wondering about keywords right now. I would be nice if we knew the most searched for keywords.

On the search bar, fiverr list keywords from high to low search volume.

To know any keyword if has high search volume or not you can see other sellers how many orders in queue they have with the relevant keyword.