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Hello Folks,

Most of you know that fiverr currently lacks the ability to overlay a watermark on video files delivered to the buyer. This feature is currently available for image file formats only. So how do sellers prevent their video works from being stolen by non genuine buyers?

Recently a buyer purchased one of my gigs, downloaded the final video file, uploaded it on youtube and embedded it on his website and comes back to me after 48 hours saying “please cancel the order I am interested in another gig and would like a refund”.

Since then, I tried out a new strategy which was to create the video project, add a watermark and deliver it with the watermark to the client and mention a note that if he/she approves the project the Non Watermarked version of the file will be delivered to his Fiverr inbox. This worked most of the time but for some people it wasn’t the best option. Some buyers think they are being scammed and wont get the final non watermarked file, missing the fact that the developer or creator of the video file has already invested his/her time and has sent you a watermarked preview to see, finalize and approve. There is no point for the seller to not send the final non watermarked file. But in result a couple of buyers took the aggressive approach and left negative reviews, and once a buyer got in touch with support and the order was cancelled and then he comes back to me after a month asking for the same gig becasue he was not able to find it anywhere else.

I would really like to know how you guys tackle this problem. I’m not saying this happens everyday, with everyone but I do think this is something which needs to be addressed. Maybe a Video Watermark Feature request would be a good start?

Fiverr has made tons of improvements over the past years and it keeps getting better in dealing with the buyers and sellers protection and I’m sure the development team would figure out a solution for this as well.



That’s against the ToS.

You must deliver the finished product, minus watermarks via the order page.

I agree, a video watermark feature would be great until the order is accepted.

However, I had a buyer recently who asked me ‘remove the fever’. I thought they wanted paracetamol, then I realised they were referring to the Fiverr watermark on the preview. It might cause further problems if they were watermarked!


Funny thing is I had a scammer(might have been a real buyer :man_shrugging:t6: ) Send me files watermarked by fiverr and asked me to remove the watermarks.


Correct, I found out its against the ToS. But again this was just a security measure. I crawled through the forum and found out many people used this approach to protect their work.

Lol good one with the paracetamol …


It would be good if Fiverr added a watermark feature like they do with images. Someone said it would take a lot of processing, though they already process “preview” versions of the videos that can also be added to a portfolio (though the actual videos will normally be bigger than those).

If you do a video preview before the buyer orders, then that can be watermarked (ie. add text anywhere saying preview, maybe add your username etc.). You could make it so that they were hard to remove if you wanted.

But for the delivery, it currently (until Fiverr adds the feature) has to be without the watermark. However if you detect a “buyer” has used it eg. on youtube and tries to cancel you can refuse the cancellation request. If they use it without paying after cancelling the order (so steal the content) you can report them to CS.


i use a watermark when i sense that this buyer is not legit and has bad intentions ( get the work for free )