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Video Watermark Frustrations

Hi, I’m new here (buyer) so I might not be understanding what I’m required to do. I ordered a video which was delivered with a watermark. I accepted and completed the order as I was happy with the product, but now I cant find anywhere to download the watermark free file. Please help.


Hi,if u accept the delivery watermark removes automatically.

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I accepted the delivery and the watermark is still there. Is there a button I click somewhere? Or a message I should have received?

Ask seller if he/she can send you same file trough inbox, there shouldn’t be watermark, unless watermark isn’t Fiverr one


Ill give that a try. He hasn’t replied to my messages yet but I think hes probably gone to bed with the time difference. It is just the Fiverr watermark. Little bit frustrating when you specifically choose someone based on their rapid turnaround times, and Fiverr fail to deliver.

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I never bought an gig here so not sure how it really works, but there should be option when you accept deliver that Fiverr watermark is removed. It is same thing with images. When I deliver them on order, i send them trough inbox as well, as there was issues with watermark before, and in inbox there aren’t any issues.

Yeah, I think thats whats supposed to happen but ive had bad luck. Its a shame, the designer has done an excellent job. I was just unsure if I was missing something. Thanks


Now Ill have to find someone on Fiverr who can remove watermarks from videos hahaha

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After accepting order fiverr watermark should be automatically removed when you download file again.

Just wait for seller to reply again and to send you video file trough inbox.

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haha, you need not spend for that! I believe it’s just a matter of communication with the seller. :slight_smile:

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Did you right click on the link where it says “delivered files” on the top right corner of the embedded video player?

That’s where you get the actual file without a watermark.


Yeah, it still says demo and downloads with watermarks.

Hmm. I wonder if the seller labeling the file as DEMO in all caps means that they used a watermark on it.

That’s really weird.

But from a technical standpoint, that’s the correct link to use in order to get your watermark free video.

When your seller delivered, were there any notes attached?

He just left a message saying I need to accept the order to download the watermark free version. I accepted the order 30 minutes after he sent it and here I am. He isn’t responding to messages but he is in Uruguay I think and I am in Australia. Hes probably in bed so I guess I’m stuck for now. Specifically chose him and went premium for a fast turnaround so its a bit disappointing. Not frustrated with the designer, but I feel a bit annoyed with Fiverr.

Then that definitely sounds like a technical issue.

You could contact customer support but they probably reapond after your seller is back online.

I completely understand your frustration, wish there was something more I could do to help.

Yeah it looks like a technical issue. Fiverr customer support says 24 - 48 hours for a reply which completely negates the reason I went premium purely for speed of turnaround. Even included extras I didn’t really need haha. Anyway, thanks for your help. Its always good to have someone else have a look just in case im missing something.


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Did you communicate the urgency of the project with your seller clearly?

Because of they delivered and went straight to bed without waiting on feedback, that’s on them, not Fiverr. :smile:

Ask Seller to provide it through Inbox

Yes, they knew I was just choosing four extra video intros at random because it came with the premium pack and I wanted the quicker turnaround. If the watermark wasn’t removed id still say that’s on Fiverr, since you have to leave feedback before the watermark is “automatically removed”.

You don’t have to leave feedback, but you do have to mark the order as complete. You might want to make sure you did mark it as complete and then try to download the file(s) again. If that doesn’t work, leave a message for the seller telling them that you marked it complete and that you need them to try and send the files by inbox. (If the files are as expected by the designer, a good review is worth leaving. Seller’s cannot maintain a reputation without high reviews.)