Video - will my accent put buyers off?


Greetings Fiverrists,

I know having a video to promote your gig is being touted as a great way to get more orders, but I’m having hang ups…

I’m Australian, and have a broad bogan accent. I’m worried it’ll put buyers off. I’m rubbish at trying to hide it, and getting someone else to voice it seems dishonest.

The videos will be pretty basic anyway, since all I have to work with is a webcam, so between that and the accent I’m worried it’d actually do more harm than good.

Tips? Suggestions? Am I just being paranoid?


I love hearing a strong Australian accent so it wouldn’t put me off :slight_smile: Just speak clearly and I’m sure you’ll be fine. Like Grandma says - you have nothing to lose.


Rebel Wilson has a bogan accent (i think!!) and I love her… don’t worry, just go for it! :D/


I don’t think most people would find your accent offensive. Just speak clearly and be warm ~ that’ll come through just fine.


Hey I have a Scottish accent and the perfect body for radio, but even I had a go at doing the video…check out


Reply to @scotsvoice: This is what we call 'thread hijacking"…


I suggest just being yourself and not worrying about your accent. The main thing about Fiverr is that you treat your customers with utmost respect and get the positive feedback from them. That will help you sell more gigs over any problem with an accent. I have purchased gigs from people all over the world.



Thank you, all! On the weekend I’ll pluck up my courage and see what I can do… eek!


Yeah I doubt it very much, if anything it will be a niche in the market!

You will probably do very well that you are now on the forums :slight_smile:


Actually, I believe different accents lend credibility to the end-user’s product or business. It simply shows a degree of world wide audience appeal.


I guess some people look for someone with your accent. What is your gig? Are you going to sell video gig? If there are not many Australians doing testimonial gigs than you have all market.


Go for it. Let the market be the judge.

What goes for a bogan accent in Oz may come across as exotic abroad.


It fully depends on the product/service you are selling.

When it comes to an intro video about your product/service, I don’t think that an australian accent will put people off (unless they are looking for an american of course). If someone is looking fo a native english speaker, then you’re in the same pot at the kiwis, americans, irish, scots, english etc.

For me it’s not the accent, but rather to know where the seller is from. I don’t want to sound racist, but if someone offers me to rewrite a small english article and I have the choice between, an indian, american or australian, I’d obviously go for american or the australian one.

People also often tend to think that products/services offered by someone from a developing country might not be as good as someone from a developed country, and although I wanna give everyone an equal chance, unfortunately I did see some major quality difference between services I bought from india and the USA.

But then again, this is fiverr, and you get what you pay for, and $5 is not much :wink:


I think your Aussie accent could be an asset. It’s like a novelty for some people in the U.S. Ultimately, what people look for is the value proposition in your offer.


I’m not a seller yet, but I can tell you from a buyer’s point. When I look for an artist, I am looking for their product only. If you promote your product with enthusiasm, confidence and honesty, and I am looking for what you have to sell, I would buy it. :slight_smile:


You’ve probably gotten more replies than you need, but just remember the Geico Gecko, Crocodile Dundee and Outback Steakhouse in the US! :wink:


One of the Fiverr Super Sellers asked the same question. In the end he made a video which really helped him to increase sales.


I have gotten requests to put on an Australian accent which proves people not only like it, but some prefer it and are actively seeking it on Fiverr :slight_smile: Go for it :wink:


Accents are awesome! Go for it! :slight_smile:


Ive actually Picked an Aussie over American accent for voice overs because I wanted something different :slight_smile: