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I have had two videos denied now and I would like to know why so I can fix


Most likely it’s the format. Try changing it around to see if you get different results. I had a lot of issues with video uploads a while back and I simply changed the format and it got accepted. If that doesn’t work, you might want to pop Customer Service a message to see if they can help you out. Of course make sure you’re following all the little things such as proper lighting, clear picture of you, and probably mentioning “exclusively on fiverr” in your video at some point, too. Also, videos slightly out of sync with the audio seem to get denied quite often, too.

Reply to @freelancemm: do you have to be in the video? what about your voice and a screenshot? my videos keep getting denied too. one i made a character,fiverr said something about holding camera horizontally.beat me because it a a hd quality fit for youtube playing. what do you think?

@seelyadating: I actually see a lot of videos without peoples faces in them. What is in regards to getting them accepted I am not sure when it comes to those types. Really, the best bet for most people is to send a ticket specifically to Fiverr’s CS team and they could probably give you a more clear answer.

Tried sending a ticket but never went through,just stucked. Does the video have to be of a certain width? i was looking at other videos and the with was a certain way.