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Videocall as a part of a GIG

If i want to use maybe Zoom or ■■■■■ for a videocall with my client can i do it?
I’m offering in one Gig th option of explaining some Code from a Web Site that I’m creating to my client, can i do that or the other option that i think i can use is preparing and sending to my client sone videos explining the Code but i rather prefer a videocall

Can I do that?

To contact the buyer outside of the fiverr is against fiverr rules.

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It is against ToS. If you really needed it though, maybe you should state your case to CS. I think Fiverr Pro has the video call feature, I can’t confirm this as I’m not a pro. But if you’re educated in the field, why not apply for Pro?


actually there is a beta feature that allows video calls through zoom however not all the users have access to it

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