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Videogame / VR App Voiceover Rights

Hello. First time Fiverr user here.
I apoligize if this issue was already covered hundreds of times before, but I haven’t found the complete answers I was looking for. So appreciate the help.

Main point: I need to get voiceovers for a game and application that will be distributed in the AppStores and such. Maybe parts of it will get in the trailer that will find its way on the YouTube.


  • Do I need to get a Commercial License or a Full Broadcast one for the things mentioned above?
  • If I need to have a Full Broadcast - do I need to purchase both of those simultaneously or does the Full Broadcast includes the Commercial License as well (as I purchase both, from what I see).
  • There is also an amount I need to choose for Commercial or Full Broadcast. What does this amount mean? Can I just stick to “1” and that’s it?

Thank you!