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Videohive template Please help

I want purchase a template from videohive, it’s a toolkit explainer actually, I want use it on fiverr for my clients, But they say that I can use it only in one end product, I s that mean that I can create only 1 video using it and then need to rebuy it or what?

Please help, I donùt want waste money

Yes. You can only use it once per client.
One license per each customized end product


ok, so what is the best way to make it cheeper, I don’t want problems on fiverr

You don’t have to use videohive. Use a free template from somewhere else.
But I would ask why do you want to make it cheaper?

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a free template like what? please help with suggestions

I want offer very affordable videos for a low affordable price

You need to do your own research :slight_smile:
I don’t have free templates for you.


Thanks for the tip
But, i honestly did and didn’t find anything better, I found envato elements and it’s a monthly paiment

I want get one and use it multile time

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If you want to use a template multiple times without any license fee, then perhaps you need to create your own template.



You can check in my profile, I have 4-5 examples, all are created with one EXPLAINER TOOLKIT - unlimited right, it’s not free, but it’s worth all the money.
For more information, you can ask direct CEO founder here on Fiverr, user @bluefx


@gogugmg - that is really kind of you to point the OP in the right direction with a source of templates which won’t get them or their clients into any bother - thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:


Like @sue_mcl explained, you should make your own template and then you can use it unlimited time. And you will not spend anything to it as well. If you are video editor/animator then you should know how to make new videos/templates and not just edit existing templates from someone else.

It is kinda that you are looking for cheap way to resell other people’s work.

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I agree it would be fantastic if everybody ‘made their own templates’.

The truth is that the skills and knowledge needed to do that are way beyond the abilities of most users who sell on Fiverr. If they had the ability to do that, they’d be quite rightly charging Pro prices and beyond for every gig.

It’s a bit like telling a Wordpress developer to write a new theme or plugin from scratch every time they build a website.


It’s the easiest way to work with PRO products at acceptable prices.The tutorials are awesome, even a beginner in After Effects can create a quality video.
If we were to make a statistic, I have over 20k complete orders using their products.


Thank you Marius @gogugmg for recommending the Bluefx templates, yes they do come with an unlimited license, so it is a great choice for Fiverr sellers who need to make multiple videos for multiple clients.

Sure people can make their own however time and cost can play a critical factor.

The explainer bundle that you see here, there took actually 12 months to create and had a production cost of over $20 000.

The team who created this had highly skilled visual artists with over 20 years of design work. It was one of our biggest and hardest projects to finalize.

However, I’m glad to see that so many of our customers like and it :slight_smile:


Thanks for that @bluefx - it’s brilliant that you allow users to sell creations made with your templates without restriction.

Thank you also for explaining why creating one’s own templates might not be as easy as it sounds. :wink: