Videos gig that offer animated characters from movies, copyright infringement?



I was wondering, since I’ve seen some video gigs that offer to include your company name in videos that feature animated characters from famous movies, aren’t those some kind of copyright infringement? Would the seller need to have the rights to use those characters for selling?


Most likely, yes.

Yes, they would.


Yes. Say you had a minions video intro, your seller would need to have full permission to make and sell such videos from Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment. Moreover, it would be extremely unlikely that such permission would be given.

Of course, many businesses do buy and use such videos. You can be assured, however, that if such a business had the spotlight of sudden publicity fall on them for any reason, an army of lawyers would descend on them.

EDIT: If I was to buy an animated video from anywhere, I would ask a seller prior to ordering to show me some kind of proof that full commercial rights belong to me after delivery.


I wonder what the rules are regarding drawing / painting characters from animated movies and such?


It’s not worth taking the risk on something like this. There are teams of lawyers who do nothing but search the internet constantly looking for people to sue for copyright infringement. It’s big money for law firms to do this since it’s so common.


I hope they do something about it. It wouldn’t be nice for Fiverr to have a bad reputation for offering services like that.


Fiverr already has a bad reputation for offering services like that (plus stolen logos, video templates used without the proper license, plagiarized texts…).


That’s not good for business. Sometimes it’s hard to know that they want, offering “Pro”, but allowing these types of gigs.