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Videos - how important for better search results?

So, I am asking if someone tested this and if orders increased after video is added? I do not care about if video will produce more sales for same number of visitors. Just how important for good ranking is?

Also, if I add video like second image, not as cover one, will it have the same effect or not?

It is because I do not want videos, I want my cover images which I am currently remaking for all the gigs.

But for you it is usual to have videos. You have voice acting gigs so people want to listen to you. But I am selling guest blog posts. So people just need info about blog, nothing else.

When it comes to ranking on both Fiverr as well as search engines, videos are absolutely essential. You can technically still use your images as a cover photo. Just edit them into more or less the very beginning of your video I believe. This will then show your image there when people are searching but will still be able to watch whatever video as well.

I know they help on search engines but would like to know their significance here. I do not see that gigs with videos perform much better, that’s why I asked.

Also, I already planned to do what you mentioned, to put few seconds on video to be my image and the rest buy some video intro here so that is what I will probably do.

I was just curious if someone had gig for example ranked #10 for something and then added video and got rank #5.

Reply to @m2webs: The ones without videos that get a high amount of orders usually have an outside source bringing traffic directly in.

However, if you trace back numerous SEO gigs you’ll notice their order queue over 100+ and the one thing they have in common is they all have videos. (Unfortunately you can’t see that anymore as they seemed to have removed the queue count of people you’re potentially buying from.)

To answer your question a bit more specifically, I had gigs without video that didn’t rank at all(Despite being extremely relevant.). After a video, they rank #1 in all the keywords I wanted to focus on for the most part and at least page one for the ones I sort of cared about but knew might be kind of impossible to get a #1 spot on.

The main things to remember is to add a video, focus on just ONE major long-tail keyword set, and to set your delivery time fairly low… and actually deliver it quicker. This in turn seems to make a gig rank fairly well. Do also note that some people actually build SEO value to their gigs which then amplifies their exposure on search engines. Unfortunately, most traffic/orders don’t seem to come from Fiverr searches, but rather search engines. I’m 99% sure of that after tracing back most high volume sale gigs to #1 positions in search engines.

Search most popular and unique in the niche’ Fiverr gigs on search engines. You’ll notice that all of them have a #1 place on search engines for broad searches. I would reference one but I am not sure if that would be allowed.

Essentially, the goal would be to get your Fiverr gig video seen in a #1 search result in a reasonable traffic keyword set on search engines.

Thanks for informative reply. I already scheduled some video crating and will add it on my gigs. Actually I can’t rank high on search engines for my service offered here. As it is guest posting in specific niches there is no chance to rank it high on google, even if I choose longtail keyword. I mean, there is a chance but not worth investing time and money in building fiverr gig position on google :slight_smile:

About delivery time, it is 5 days and I do not know if I can make it faster. The point is that my gigs are done by my writer and she has a lot of writing jobs for me so if I force her to write even fiverr faster then she will kill me :smiley: