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Videos seemed to lower my impressions?

When I added videos to my gigs my impressions seemed to drop. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

The more I read here it seems videos are a must with people saying they increase sales upward of 200%.

I’m pretty new so it’s not like I’m thousands of impressions a day which makes me wonder if it was just bad timing and I blamed a bad week of impressions on my videos.

Has anyone else experienced this or anything similar?

Fiverr does something they call Gig Rotation.

Maybe that’s what has happened.

The Gig Rotation idea gives all of us a fair shot at prime Gig placement.

Maybe your Gigs are in rotation and have slid down the line a little.

It happens to all of us.


It’s simply rotation. You’ll score higher next week.

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Thanks for the help :smiley: