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"View As" Button for Sellers

Hello Readers,

I think there should be an option for sellers to view their gig from buyers point of view. The preview option that we have right now is not exactly the buyers point of view. therefore “View As” (similar to facebook option) will be really valuable for All sellers.

This is just an idea.

You have that already (I think)

With “Preview” on “my gigs” page you can see how buyers see.

I check on other browser (where I am not logged in) and it is same as “preview”.

Yes I understand, it will be really useful if the sellers don’t have to open another browser.

The preview option for sellers at the moment doesn’t show the gig prices/Extras.

Maybe your preview is bugged or something, as I have gig extra and all stuff like buyers see.

Only thing on preview what is different is instead of “order now” on right, you have edit gig…

Here’s trick, copy and past your link, i.e. and open it on a browser where you’re not sign in (Firefox if you use Chrome for example), then you’ll see yourself the way buyers see you.