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View as Seller to View as Buyer


Hi one year ago i sign up as buyer but now i want to view as seller
What should to do?
Please help me i am really worried


View what?


View as Buyer
actually it is kind of employee and employer
buyer = employer
seller = employee


View what as a buyer?

You’ve totally lost me there…


You are a seller - you’ve got some gigs up, and you can also buy.

There’s no different account on Fiverr for buyer or seller - they’re all the same … unless I’m misunderstanding you?


oh thank you so much


Oh good, happy to help! You had me all worried for you there!


Sorry bro but i am really worried


Thanks again actually last month i got good sale more than $300 sale but this month i earn only $4


It’ll pick up again I’m sure - I often go through quiet spells, and then whoosh, lots of orders!

Good luck!


OK Bro you are so kind


EDIT: Thanks Brah for the good tips! :thumbsup:


She is bra u dumas.


Picking myself up, after falling off of my chair reading DJ’s post. :grinning: I gotta ask @ameraltaf1 how did you assume @offlinehelpers is a bro? :expressionless:


So long as it’s not sir, ma’am, dude, dear or anything rude, it doesn’t matter really :+1:



The original poster does not exist on the land of regular Fiverr.

Did you know that?


Do you really meant bra and not bro? :smirk:


how did it get from how to view Fiverr gigs to under garments?



Yes he does - take the 1 off the end of the username - it’s a bug with some users.

Hope OP doesn’t mind me posting this to demonstrate: