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View if a message has been read


It would be nice to be able to see if the person you’ve emailed has opened the email or not. I’m in a situation now where I’ve ordered a number of gigs from someone, they did a few of them, and then stopped delivering the rest of the job. I’ve emailed, but without seeing if my email has been read it’s hard to know if I should give up hope or keep my orders open in case the seller returns to complete the job.



Sounds frustrating. By email I presume you mean the Fiverr message system?

Have you checked the Sellers gig link to be sure they’re still on Fiverr, or haven’t suspended their gigs for one reason or another? Do they have orders in queue? When was the last time they rec’d feedback?

Sometimes folks get busy, sick, have computer problems or go on Holiday.

But yeah, it would be cool to see if a message has been opened.