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View my gigs and give suggestions to improve

Hi. I have joined this platform. I am new here. I haven’t get any order yet. I need help from experts to visit me gigs. if you find any mistake on this please let me know . So that i may able to improve this.Here is a link of my profile.

Waiting for your good suggestions.
Regards: Alia

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“I will proofread your article, essay , story and blog etc.”

Suggest you remove the essay reference (copied) from your gig description.

Helping with academic work is against the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.

Well worth a read as a violation can risk your account.


I think the biggest challenge you have is that there is nothing unique about your services. Thousands of other sellers are offering the same exact services… what makes you different than all of those other sellers? Fiverr is a competition-based platlform. Ask yourself this question: “Why should someone hire me, instead of one of those other sellers?”

You need to stand out if you want to capture customer attention. What do YOU think you can do to make your gigs stand out, and be more attractive than your competition?


I really appreciate your suggestion . Thank you. I hope that you will also guide me in future. Thanks a lot.

On your profile, under your name it includes “data scrapping” instead of “data scraping”.

In your “proofreading” gig

The main image could look sharper/less compressed. Maybe change the part that says “i have ability to do work independently. i can be very fast if u need your work in short time.”. eg. making sure “I” is in upper case, changing “u” to “you”. Also in the other lines, make sure there’s no space before a comma.

In your “email scraping, web scraping…” gig

It says “i will scrap 2000 entries from websites” - maybe change “scrap” to “scrape”. Similar thing for the basic package. Maybe adjust the price for the packages, eg. the premium package offers twice the entries of the standard package but the price is more than double but it doesn’t offer other advantages than the standard package.

In your “data entry and typing” gig

Maybe change the line that says “I found myself in those persons Who knows the value of time”. In the standard and premium packages maybe specify (if the character count allows) the specific amount of work you do (eg. like you say “50 entries” in the basic package). Or maybe the amount of work could be based on hours.

Maybe remove “unlimited revisions” from any gig/package as that can lead to buyers asking for lots of revisions.


Thank you so much Sir. I appreciate your suggestions. Thanks a lot for giving me detailed suggestion.

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If you say you provide “clarity of expression,” your gig description should clearly express your points to be credible. It doesn’t, so it’s ironic. This kind of irony hurts your credibility.

Strong editors make writing more clear and concise. The phrase “clarity of expression” alone is not concise and not optimal. You should say clear expression in that case.

Alianisar, you’re about as close to receiving orders for your proofreading Gig as I am to playing soccer for Barcelona.

As a proofreader/editor working with English, you cannot write sentences like this one:

i have ability to do work independently. i can be very fast if u need your work in short time.

No way, Jose. No, nope, nada!

If this sentence existed in isolation, I’d be generous and consider it an anomaly. Unfortunately, there are many others like it in your Gig description.


It’s really frustrating to see so many sellers offering services for which they are obviously (and unabashedly) unqualified.


Thank you dear for your guideline.

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Perfect fiverr profile:
1.Complete your profile info
2.add at least 7 to 9 skills
3.add education,certification etc profile description you have to write who are you that is SEO expert,graphic designer,web developer etc then write at least 3 to 5 years experience then add what services you are going to deliver on fiverr.
5.use profile picture best is to use your own but if you don’t want to use then use any logo or any picture which is attractive but you have own copyrights for that.
6.create 5 gigs minimum
7.turn on packages on every gig
8.if you are new seller or level 1 then on your basic cost must be $5 and 1 day…best is too make your cost and days lowest till you get level 2.
9.use 3 images of high quality which explains that what the gig is for don’t use fiverr logo on any image.
10.use explainer video.
11.use pdf as your portfolio.
12.use right category and subcategory.
13.use the most relevant keywords as tags if you are unaware of keyword research open the gigs related to your category/subcategory copy tags of first 3 gigs.
14.write description briefly must use numbering,bullets,highlighted and bold…must be clear and to the point. requirement section write what things you need from buyer if you belong to web category then in requirements must write you need email or login credentials so fiverr can approve that while approving gig.
16. dont copy anyone’s gig data or images.
17.dont share any personal info on fiverr not even on notepads if some buyer ask you to send email or anything just simply say we are not allowed to share anything personal.
18.dont share remote access on fiverr if some say that because of some security issue we can send data send us teamviwer across just report that because its a hack.
19.send buyer requests daily.
20.share your links on different social media platforms.
21.there is no timing drama for sending buyer requests just send whenever you want to.
22.if you gigs are old don’t have any review on them just delete that gig and create new.
23.if your gig is not getting orders for more then 10 days time to edit your gig best is to edit tags.
24.for those who are not getting buyer requests just check at least 3 to 4 times daily for them else delete the gigs which have no review and create new or if you have old gigs having reviews change subcategory and edit tags or cost.
25.deliever on time humble
27.for withdraw you have to use PayPal or payoneer…minimum $20 are able to be withdraw
28.if you forgot your password you can login through email.
29.must attach your profile with at least 2 accounts.
30.dont use 2 accounts on same device. can create gigs of different niches or categories on same account. can share your files which are more then the size of fiverr upload size through drives but keep 1 thing in mind those things don’t require personal info.
33.your money will get clear after 15 days of order completion except trs(top rated sellers)
34.if you delivered your order buyer didn’t ask for modification nor accepted that order will get completed after 3 days automatically.
35.dont misuse delivery option like if you send anything which is not final delivery just to stop time etc it can harm you.
36.on right side of order page from resolution you can cancel order ,extend delivery days,ask for more money etc.
37.dont cancel orders it will harm your order completion rate. cancellation is better then support cancellation. loyal with buyers.
40.if you are seller you can buyer from other sellers there is no issue in this.

Impressions mean how many people saw your gig on another page somewhere on Fiverr. Clicks mean people who saw an impression of your gig and clicked through to see more. Views mean people who’ve seen your gig. This includes clicks, but also direct page visits.

If you have a portfolio website you can add it to your Gig Description too. Please note that the following URLs may be used in your profile or Gig description:

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