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I don’t know about you people, but I love to read negative reviews before I purchase a gig, even if the person has predominately positive reviews. This allows me to see where a seller has had problems in the past. The problem is, you have to cycle through all of the reviews to find the ‘negatives’. I think there should be a link somewhere which allows you to see only negative reviews.


Sometimes those “problems” is cause of troll buyers but sometimes it can be the sellers fault. But at least at the feedback section, you can “observe” for yourself to see whether that buyer is actually one of those nice buyers or the troll ones or the ones who are never satisfied.


I agree with Ryan, Instead of the scrolling for the negative reviews. It would be nice if you can just click the negative reviews and it would either have a pop up window or compile all the negative reviews together.


Negative review might not always be the fault of the seller…A seller with 1 or 2 negative reviews does not suggest he is incompetent…I believe there’s always first in anything…you might be the first to leave a negative review for the seller whom you think has the best rating


Reply to @soldierdollar: Hence why i want to see all negative reviews easily. I mean, I am more likely to use a seller who has 30 negatives as they were late in delivery than one who has 30 negatives as they didn’t deliver high quality work! But at the moment there is no way to differentiate between sellers.


I’m the same way. I want to see why the negative was posted, and how the seller responded. Someone could have 1,468 positive reviews, and 2 negative ones, but I’m still more interested in the negative ones. Its just how I shop.


My negative review, before CS took it down, actually helped my sales. Some guy wanted to whine that I was a scammer and my gig has been copy and pasted. I responded by saying that anyone that thinks I may be a scammer can PM me privately and see a copy of the work I sent that buyer. I got three people wanting to see it within an hour and all three of them purchased the gig. :slight_smile:


Reply to @mrspanda: Nice!


In logo gigs no one think about negative reviews


Reply to @cybercube: I do. I’ve ordered from a few who had great reviews, and I didn’t like their work.


giving negative reviews is not the best.


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