View "real profile" of users from the forum


Soo it’s not a big issue but… it would be nice if I clicked someones profile picture here on the forum that I would have a option to choose to view their ‘Fiverr’s’ profile (where you can find the gigs etc. ) or their ‘forums’ profile (where you can find their fomrums axtivity etc)

Or is this just me?



You can, but not in everyone’s profile, for example, you click on my picture and it will show you the URL to my Fiverr profile.


We used to be able to, then a weird bug took it out for a lot of people. I believe if you go into settings, there’s a specific way to set it so that people can see your URL.

Also, you can copy the username and paste it after if you feel up to that :stuck_out_tongue:


If you go into preferences and profile you can set it.


Hahaha yes, this is what I do now (copy-paste). But I didn’t know about the “prefences/setting” option. Thank you guys for the tip!