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View requirements glitch?


Am I doing something wrong or maybe is it my connection? I click “view requirements” but it acts as if I just refreshed the page and shows me nothing. Is this something happening to other sellers? It has happened on almost every active order I try to click on.


I’ve had that the last couple of days on and off as well - using Chrome BTW, if it makes any difference!


I had/have that also, I can’t get to the requirements from the inbox conversation, but it works with Selling > Manage Sales.


Oh thats a good idea! I’ll do that. I have been just using my phone app!


Yes! I am using Chrome too! Could that be it? Miiila, what are you using?


Chrome. <20 characters>


Winner winner chicken dinner… Right? Could that be it? Who doesn’t use chrome. Haha__


I mostly don´t, but since CS told me so often that fiverr is optimized for Chrome, I use if for fiverr. :wink:


I have a MacBook Pro and an iPhone so i never installed chrome in my devices! :+1:t4: