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View sales by customer


A way to find the previous orders of a customer.

It helps to review my previous interaction with a buyer, welcome him/her back, personalize my completion message etc.

Perhaps a button on each order which calls up a list of sales to that customer?


I really like this idea :slight_smile:

Maybe a way to search our completed orders by username? That would be awesome! Would work great for repeat customers, which seems to happen often on fiverr.


Oh yeah and also can we have a search by username in our inbox as well? I get all confused wondering if I told someone something in a regular message or in a gig order messageā€¦ Would be much easier to find things with a search option by username in the completed orders section AND our inbox! Yay! I really hope this happens :slight_smile:


replace yourusernamehere with your user name

replace customersusername with their user name


I have also been waiting for this feature. Sellers need more tools and reports to organize sales.