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Viewer Of gig not Increasing


My gig viewers are not increasing…

And views are stop on my gigs.

Can anyone tell me that what is the reason??


You just joined Fiver last month. Please be patient. Sales come and go. Work to craft great gigs, promote those gigs, and keep innovating. If buyers are looking for your gig(s), and if they like the terms of your gig(s), they will purchase from you.

Please keep in mind too, you are not guaranteed sales or visibility just because you have gigs on Fiverr. Your gigs are your business – your job. You have to work at making them successful, just as you would do for any business venture.


okay thanksss


But how do you assess when to change your gig/given it enough time before you start “innovating.” Is it all trial and error?


Reply to @marknew: ok thanksss


now my fiverr gig viewing are increasing


Reply to @marknew:

Pretty much, yes. But that’s how it is with any business. :wink:


A belated thanks to all! Mark New