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Viewing Fiverr in Desktop Mode on mobile?

Has anyone else noticed that you can’t view Fiverr in Desktop View any longer on mobile?

Is this a bug or just me?

I use this view all the time on mobile because I find it way better than the app.

Plus, when I send messages, I can still use my pre-set messages to respond if need be. With the app or mobile version, they are not available.

Very frustrating to say the least.


Very frustrating indeed. Just discovered that glitch today. I think we should contact support on this issue. Or what do you think?


The app has a ‘speech bubble’ right from the text box, if you click that, your Quick Responses show up to choose from.

Not sure if it was always there or just since the last update, I don´t use them much.


I’m sure it’s not a bug. I’m sure they just did away with it. Very frustrating for sure.

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Very frustrating I wanted to withdraw my earnings via mobile since I can’t access my PC for now but that seems impossible. I use Payoneer and mobile app as well cannot select Payoneer over paypal


I did have an issue with it earlier but it’s working now. Are you still having the issue? Android or iOS?


If you click on ‘Settings’ on the Fiverr website on your phone, it takes you to the desktop version and you then have access to the full site. I have an iPhone SE and it worked for me!