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Viewing Sent Offers

Is it possible to view the offers you sent to buyers and what you quoted them for the gig?


At the moment you can only check whom you sent offers to but not what you have quoted.

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How do I see sent offers on Fiverr App?

Hi there! You are replying to an old thread. Just an FYI, the mods dislike seeing old threads pop up in recent activity, due to the information usually being outdated and the extra work of then needing to investigate to determine the necessity of locking the threads.

To answer your question, when you click the filter option in the top, right corner of the BRs, you’ll find that one of the options is “offered”. In that section, you can see all of the BRs that you’ve responded to.

However, there is still no feature on the mobile app to see what you quoted for the price and delivery date.