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Views 26, impression 78 and click 13 but no orders; whats wrong?

Could you please guide me how to get my first order in this situation?

Me too I’m facing the same problem.

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Those aren’t particularly high numbers, to be honest.

Some sellers have to wait months before getting their first order - perhaps there’s something turning people away from your gigs, or you just aren’t marketing yourself on other sites. You can’t rely on Fiverr to get you 100% of your orders, you need to go and find customers yourself.

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Bro i saw your profile, you have really good score in translation test (french to english), but you dont have any translation gig, try adding one more gig for translation. Good luck

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Could you please suggest some other sites

Thanks, i will create a translation gig.

Literally any social media. Twitter or Reddit, for example.

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It’s possible that people click on your gigs, see two or three sentences that don’t tell them much, and go looking for someone else.