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Views and Clicks skyrocketing, but no orders

Can someone please explain to me why for some reason I have a lot of views and clicks but still no order up til now? Here’s my gig, if you want to point out something I may be doing wrong. I appreciate all contributions.


There are three things that jump out from the description at me…

  1. And she’s quite the expert
  2. You’d make the best decision ever choosing me.
  3. I hope I have persuaded you enough

…that would make me second guess purchasing. You’re telling your customers you are an expert and amazing at what you do, but you aren’t showing it to them.

I think adding some additional images of websites that you’ve created to your gig portfolio might help. The video is super quick (I do like how you tied that into the website speed), so some still images might help them see what a site you’ve created would look like. :slight_smile:

Oh my gosh, thank you so much for this. Although I am bit confused by what you mean by showing. Is it by adding more stuff to my portfolio? Or am I just missing the point here.

You can do it by adding more images, or highlighting your experience in your description. Tell them what makes you amazing! I’m not 100% sure if I can put links in, but try googling “writing copy that sells”.

I took another look at your gig, and it looks like you added in your experience, so that’s awesome! :slight_smile:

My views, clicks and impressions sky rocketed before I started to get orders on one of my gigs. I think it’s a good sign that you have decent ranking in the search results.

Are you doing any marketing outside of Fiverr to bring in customers? I found that I got a lot more orders after getting my first few, buyers seem to be more willing to purchase once there are reviews on a gig.

the images look fresh and the video should explain things a little more and that of time to read their content well. just like having many impressions, views and clicks do not ensure having sales. they only show the times you go out on the page of fiverr

I appreciate all the help that you have given me- you don’t even know-. Thank you so much for your help and I hope you have a smooth Fiverr journey. As for the marketing thing, yes I am actually and that’s what boosted my views so much. I’ll keep at it and pray it works. Thanks so much, once again. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Ooookay, I see what you mean about the video. I will fix it soon. Thanks for the advice.

I just checked your gig and to be sincere somethings are out of place.

The first thing you’ll want to tweak is your paragraphs. As a writer that was the first thing I noticed.

Your description is muddled up with no space. Try using the Enter key to create short paragraphs.

Like I’m doing here. If there are no paragraphs in your post, it becomes harder to read and buyers will basically ‘bounce’ off the page once they open it.

Secondly, your opening is very basic. Try using your imagination, think of what your buyers are seeking and use it to convince them.

I had been faced the same problem since long time