Views and clicks


why im not getting views and clicks ?!


Then maybe its time to start marketing and promoting your gigs. Take some time to learn how to reach out to your target customers. If the people who need your services don’t know how to find you, how do you expect to make any sales?


Do start gigs marketing on social flat from


how to promote? plz help !


I cannot help someone who isn’t willing to help themselves.

Take some time to research how to market and promote your business. I recommend that you start by conducting an internet search for these topics. The articles that come up in the search will provide you with the answers you seek. Good luck.


thank u soo much bro !


You should share your gig on social media sites


You are being a lot more friendly about this than I remember you being.


I am not your bro. My Fiverr name is “jonbaas”. You may refer to me as such.