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Views and Impressions decreasing



1 month ago I used to get a lot of views and impressions everyday, the impressions used to increase 3-6 thousand overnight and I used to get 3 orders per day avg. But now everything has changed, I get very less orders ( once a week or twice), and my impressions and views are decreasing and have a red arrow next to them, I am really worried, during this dark period, I was promoted to level 1, then level 2, but still no improvement.

I hope everything will get better.


Don’t stress about it. Things go up and down all the time here. Newer users usually get a boost from Fiverr, to encourage them to stick around - listed in the “new” category, etc… It’s perfectly common for a drop off to occur afterward. Focus on marketing your gigs outside of Fiverr or just wait patiently and your orders will pick up again.