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Views and Impressions dropped suddenly! help please

Hello Guys, I was pretty busy few days ago and got decent amount of sales with few views/impressions for my gigs, but suddenly now (1 week) i’m not getting any views or impressions to my gigs, i haven’t update or edit my gigs and i was online most of the time. i couldn’t figure it whats going on! any one had the same issue? or is this a normal thing on the fiverr?

Note: Normally if i get 10 or more views there will be 2-3 new orders. :slight_smile:


is there anyone have an solution for this? :roll_eyes:

This is normal. Sales rise and fall over time. And Fiverr does state that they do not guarantee sales to anyone on Fiverr. If you aren’t gaining the level of sales that you want, now might be a good time for you to take responsibility for your success, and market and promote your gig on your own. You have the ability to bring in customers too. Don’t sit and wait for sales, go find the customers that need your services, and tell them about what you do.


It’s not steady anymore as far as impressions, orders and sales. I have some ups and downs where I simply wait it out and hope it picks up again. It has forced me to find other ways to spend my time, which is hard for such a workaholic as I am.