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Views and social views are gone

Has anyone else noticed that views and social views are not available through gig’s daily analytics anymore? Until a couple of months ago, when fiverr analytics were working properly, sellers could watch not only their daily clicks and impressions but views and social views also. But now these option are tottally gone. Is it just me? Do you think they will be back again, after fiverr’s analytics issue will be competely restored like the old days??


Yes. At least the views.
It says:

Your Gig analytics are back! View your impressions, clicks, and views.

but the views aren’t actually there. :frowning:
It also used to allow you to view 6 months of data but now it only shows a max of 2 months. They did say something like “your stats are being calculated as normal” when it showed them as “N/A” but they still aren’t able to show the full stats since the “N/A” started.

It does say:

You’ll be able to access your complete analytics data soon.

So they’re probably still working on it. But they shouldn’t have said “…and views” if it doesn’t actually show the views.

I know!!! It is really weird that it says " View your impressions, clicks, and views" but views are not there! I thought it was just me! I am reliefed that someone else noticed the issue as well.

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I hope they are working on it indeed and that very soon we’ll be able to track our views also, just like before.

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By the way, what was the difference between views and clicks?
If someone has clicked then its obviously viewed. And if it is viewed then it means it was clicked. Aren’t both the same thing?

In the past, when you got clicks from your gig link that was posted on social media (e.g. facebook) those clicks were converted as views in your analytics section of your gig. But now that views were removed from fiverr there is no way to know if you got clicks from social media.